X-Ray and Diagnostic Imaging

Our advanced diagnostic screening technologies help maintain the health and wellness of your pet


Leading Diagnostic Imaging Technology

When a cat or dog is ill, it can be challenging to determine the underlying cause. Therefore, we rely heavily on diagnostic testing to properly identify problems and treat our patients. Diagnostic screening is also used to evaluate the overall health of senior pets or pets about to undergo anesthesia.

Our Advanced Diagnostic Screening Technologies

At Canandaigua Veterinary Hospital, we use both radiography (X-ray) and ultrasound technology to provide a thorough examination of your pet’s internal health. Both procedures are very safe, but each offers unique advantages in different situations. X-rays are especially useful to show changes in bone, irregular shapes in the abdomen, or the presence of foreign objects. Common reasons why a veterinarian might recommend a radiograph include the evaluation of broken bones, suspected injuries, or confirmation of a pregnancy.

Ultrasounds are valuable when we need to monitor real-time organ or blood activity. The exams are noninvasive, require no chemicals, and can provide viewpoints from various angles quickly and easily. Frequently, ultrasound technology is used to evaluate the abdominal region as well as the chest, heart, and any suspicious masses.


Radiography, or X-ray, is a process that makes use of electromagnetic radiation to photograph your pet’s internal organs and bones. The procedure is very safe; it is used when checking for trauma-based injuries, for dental exams, looking for foreign objects, or evaluating bones for fractures or breaks.

The many advantages to X-ray technology include:

  • Providing clear images of bones and internal organs
  • Offering a wide view range
  • Fast, safe, and easy

There are a few disadvantages to X-rays:

  • Provides only a single snapshot
  • Exposure to very low doses of radiation
MEdRx Unit

At Canandaigua Veterinary Hospital, we use the MEdRx Video Scope to perform otoscopic exams. This specialized equipment enables us to view the inside of your pet’s ear, including the eardrum, at highly magnified levels. The working channel on the scope also allows us to administer treatments for diseased eardrums and retrieve foreign bodies from the ear.

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